5 IMPORTANT IRISH & INTERNATIONAL ART MONDAY 22 MARCH 2021 AT 6PM 5 IMPORTANT IRISH & INTERNATIONAL ART 22 MARCH 2021 AT 6PM IMPORTANT NOTES ALL LOTS ARE SOLD SUBJECT TO OUR TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE PRINTED ON PAGE 4 BUYERS’ CHARGES 20% (excluding VAT) is added to the hammer price of all lots. BIDDING LEAVE YOUR BIDS FOR US TO EXECUTE FOR YOU Bidding forms are available which you can can fill in and leave with us or email your bids to bids@whytes.ie – at least an hour before the sale starts. Our staff will be happy to help you with this. ID and proof of address is required from new clients. BID ON THE INTERNET ALL OUR SALES ARE BROADCAST LIVE WITH VIDEO AND AUDIO. You can bid on a computer, smart television, laptop, tablet, mobile phone, Kindle, and most android devices. You can leave an automated bid before the auction starts or bid live during the auction. If you leave a bid on the website before the auction starts you will be notified if you are outbid up to the start of the auction. Once the auction starts the bidding will be instant and live. Go to www.bid.whytes.ie to register and bid. Further information on bidding is there. BID LIVE ON THE TELEPHONE: (on lots with a low estimate of €1,000 or more only) we can arrange to telephone you on lots you are interested in and you can then bid live on the telephone as if you are in the room. This service is offered subject to availability of lines and we accept no responsibility whatsoever for not being able to contact clients during the auction for any reason, be it technical difficulty or otherwise. ADVICE TO BIDDERS: • Bid the maximum price you would pay for the lot; we will try and secure the lot for you at the lowest possible price. For instance if you bid €2,000 on a lot and the highest other bid we receive is €1,200 you get it for €1,300. • Break ties: If two equal bids are received the lot will be sold to the first recorded. Also if you leave a bid online and a bid equal to yours is bid against you by a left bid or a telephone bid that bid will win. To avoid such “tie bids” we recommend that you give us discretion to increase your bid by one step to beat a bid equal to yours. • Interested in several lots but only want to buy one or two? You can enter bids on any number of lots but limit the grand total spent. Lots are bid on in the order they appear in the catalogue. • You can also use alternatives: just write “OR” between the lots e.g “Lot 30 €1,000 OR Lot 44, €2,000 OR Lot 68 €1,600”. INVOICING Successful absentee bidders will be sent a pro forma invoice the day after the sale with details of payment methods. All invoices must be paid within 7 days of the date of the sale or the lot(s) may be deemed in default and any subsequent losses incurred on resale become the responsibility of the bidder. The Auctioneers and House Agents Act, under which we are licensed to hold public auctions, only allows for lots to be handed over to purchasers when paid for in full. PAYMENT Invoices may be paid for by debit card, bank transfer, bank draft, cleared cheque, or cash. Credit card payment is limited to €500. Under Anti Money Laundering legislation a Cash Origin Form must be completed for payments in cash of amounts exceeding €500. Further information from our Accounts department at 01 676 2888 or ac@whytes.ie SPECIAL NOTICES CONCERNING THIS AUCTION VENUE FOR AUCTION This auction will be a "virtual auction" with absentee bidding, online live bidding and telephone bidding. Due to Government regulations to protect against the spread of Covid-19 there will be no room bidding. COLLECTION OF LOTS Collection of purchases at this sale may be effected strictly by appointment from our galleries, Monday to Friday 10am to 5pm. Purchasers must pay for all lots within 14 days of the date of sale. Note: each lot is at the buyer’s risk from the fall of the hammer. PRICES REALISED A complete list of prices realised and unsold lots will be posted to our website whytes.ie on the day after the sale. MORE INFORMATION ON OUR WEBSITE whytes.ie or whytes.com Here you will find much useful information pertaining to lots in this auction, including condition reports, biographies and previous results for many of the artists featured in this sale. WHYTE’S GUARANTEE OF AUTHENTICITY Whyte’s takes especial care to ensure that all works offered in this catalogue are as described and are the work of the artists they are attributed to. In the event of any work sold from this catalogue to be subsequently proved to be a “deliberate forgery”, subject to our terms and conditions of sale (especially Clause 5c) as printed elsewhere in this catalogue Whyte’s will cancel the sale and refund to the buyer the total amount paid by the buyer to Whyte’s for the item, in the currency of the original sale. This guarantee is provided for a period of seven (7) years after the date of the relevant auction, and may be extended at Whyte’s discretion. Certificates of Authenticity are issued for every work in this auction. GLOSSARY OF TERMS The following are examples of the terminology used in this catalogue. 1 Sir John Lavery in our opinion a work by the artist. 2 Attributed to Sir John Lavery In our opinion probably a work by the artist but less certainty as to authorship is expressed than in the preceding paragraph. 3 After Sir John Lavery In our opinion a copy of a known work by the artist. We also use this term for prints of works by the artist. 4 The term signed and/or dated and/or inscribed means that in our opinion the signature and/or date and/or inscription are from the hand of the artist. 5 The term bears a signature and/or initials and/or date and/or inscription means that in our opinion the signature and/or date and/or inscription has been added by another hand. EXPORT LICENCES Purchasers from outside the State are reminded that export licences are required for all archaeological items, as well as artworks and documents that have been in the State for more than 25 years. Further details are available from the National Museum, The National Gallery of Ireland or the Department of The Arts, Heritage and The Gaeltacht. The onus on obtaining such licences is on the purchaser or the purchaser’s shipper.