WHYTE'S THE CHRISTMAS SALE Ends 13 December 2021 from 6PM

What Is A Timed Auction? Timed auctions don’t have an auctioneer calling the bids – there’s just a bidding time frame and whoever bids highest during the time frame wins. Each lot can be bid on for a defined time period. At the end of this period, the bidder who has submitted the highest bid wins the lot, provided the bid exceeds the reserve price. You tell us the most you’re willing to pay – and we’ll bid intelligently for you, only bidding enough for you to meet the reserve or stay in the lead. Don’t worry, your max bid is not disclosed, and is held in confidence on our bidding system. If someone bids higher than your ‘maximum’, we will send you an 'outbid alert' via email to let you know, so you can decide whether to bid more. You'll know it's a timed auction as the end time will be displaced on the lot page. If a bid is placed in the last 5 minutes of the defined time period, the time period will be extended by 2 minutes. This prevents 'sniping', where a bidder times a bid as the lot closes, denying others the chance to counter. Go here to bid : http://www.bid.whytes.ie More details: Before the auction starts – from 6pm on 13 December 2021 - you can leave bids – your top bid is not revealed, and your bid will start at one step above the previous bid or at the start price if no other bid. You will be notified by email if you get outbid before the auction starts. Once the auction starts email notifications cease and you should follow the auction on-line to see how your bids are doing. When the auction starts: The bidding for each lot is opened for 1 minutes at a start price determined by the reserve or bids already received. Each lot will be open and remain open for bidding until its end time is reached; the end time will be extended by 2 minutes if another bid is received. During this period of open bidding you will be able to see the current highest bid on each lot. You may place a higher bid at the defined bidding increment you choose. Bidders are automatically informed by email if they are the winning bidder, or if they have been outbid by another competing bidder. At the end time, if there are no further bids and the highest bid offered equals or exceeds the reserve price the lot is sold. How to bid: • Log in or register at bid.whytes.ie • Visit the timed online auction catalogue • Find the lot number you are interested in. • Place your maximum bid which will be kept secret by the system, the current highest bid will be displayed • The minimum bid required to beat the highest bid will also be shown. • When you place your maximum bid, the system will automatically bid for you – only enough to meet the reserve or to stay in the lead, up to your maximum if necessary. Example: Bidder A leaves a maximum bid of €100, bidder B leaves a maximum bid of €200 on the same lot. Bidder B then has the winning bid unless another bid that beats B’s maximum is received before the end time. • If you are outbid you will be notified immediately by email. You have up to the end time to counter bid. • To increase your bid, simply log in and increase your bid. • When the timed auction finishes, winning bidders will be notified by email. The timed lots will close at the specified date and time and will close in chronological order with 1 minute between each lot before it closes. • Buyers Premium of 20% plus VAT (24.2% in total) will be added to your winning bid amount. Your invoice will detail all the payment, collection and shipping particulars. There is no additional fee for bidding online with Whyte's. HELP? Our team are available to assist Monday to Friday 10am to 5pm and on the sale day 10am to 10pm at 01 6762888 (+35316762888) and bids@whytes.ie Live Chat is available on our website www.whytes.ie