Whyte's History, Literature & Collectables 14th September 2013 - page 21

SINCE 1783
1811 (11 July) Early Carlow Infantry officers commission certificate
A scarce early Irish Militia commission certificate appointing William
Browne to be 1st Captain of the Carlow Corps of Infantry. Issued by
Dublin Castle under Royal warrant with “...full power and authority to
issue commissions in His name to such persons as we shall deem
expedient for His Majesty’s Service... for the preservation of the public
peace and to quell insurrection and resist invasion...” Interestingly John
Ryan in The
History and Antiquities of the County of Carlow
records a
2nd Captain William Browne serving with the Carlow Cavalry during
300 (£170-£260 approx)
19th Century: Collection of Irish indentures and agreements
A mixed collection of 6 indentures mostly relating to Carlow.
150 (£90-£130 approx)
1801: Archer’s Statistical Survey of the County Dublin
Statistical Survey of the County Dublin, with Observations on the Means
of Improvement; Drawn Up for the Consideration, and by order of the
Dublin Society. Printed By Graisberry and Campbell., 10, Back Lane,
Dublin, 1801. First Edition. 8vo. Half Calf with Marbled Boards. Good Pp.
xiii, (8), 276, index. 8.50 x 5.50in. (21.59 x 13.97cm)
300 (£170-£260 approx)
1811-20: Carlow notices for the registration of planting trees
A collection of 11 early manuscript official agreement notices of the
planting of trees in Carlow. Dated between 1811 and 1820 and giving
details of the parties involved, the land location and the numbers and
types of trees to be planted. Also with 2 later indentures dated 1852
relating to the assignment of registered trees in Carlow. (13 items)
300 (£170-£260 approx)
1812-1829: Indentures relating to the building and extension of
Carlow Gaol
Two interesting and unique documents relating to Carlow Goal. The first
a signed ms draft appointment and release deed dated 1812 for the
“erection of the new Gaol in the Town of Carlow”, 9pp. The second, a
signed ms draft deed of sale dated 1829 for the sum of £7000 “for
enlarging, repairing and altering” the Carlow Gaol, 13pp. (2 items) 14 x
11in. (35.56 x 27.94cm)
300 (£170-£260 approx)
circa 1812: The ‘Hanging Judge’ Lord Norbury handwritten and signed
3pp letter written and signed by John Toler, 1st Earl of Norbury also
known as the “Hanging Judge”. His most famous trial as judge was that
of Robert Emmet in 1803. Norbury continually interrupted and abused
Emmet while he was making his famous speech from the dock before
sentencing him to be hanged, drawn and quartered. 6 x 7in. (15.24 x
300 (£170-£260 approx)
1813 (26 February) Carlow Butter Taster appointment statement
An unusual single sheet manuscript signed statement recording that “I
Edward Smith of Bagnelstown do swear that I will dilligently and
faithfully execute the office of Public Taster of Butter within the manor
of Ballymoon and Dunleckney...” Also with an 1817 document recording
the Tolls and Customs payable in the town of Leighlin Bridge and
Ballknockan for fairs and markets. (2 items) 8 x 7.50in. (20.32 x 19.05cm)
120 (£70-£100 approx)
1813-44: Collection of Dublin Bricklaying Guild Membership Cards
A collection of 13 extremely scarce Dublin Bricklaying Trade guild
membership cards. Each with wax seals or stamped markings. The first
issued for the year of 1813 to Thomas Connor, the remaining 12 issued
to Patrick Connor for years between 1822 and 1844. Also with a St.
Bartholomew’s Society membership card issued to the same Patrick
Connor. (14 items) 2.50 x 4in. (6.35 x 10.16cm)
300 (£170-£260 approx)
1814: Leet’s ‘...Directory to the Market Towns, Villages, Gentlemen’s
seats and Other Places in Ireland...’
‘...with Reference to the Counties, in Which They are Situated, the Post -
Town to Which each is Attached, Their Description, or if a Seat, the
Name of the Resident. To which is added a General Index of Persons
Names, referring to the Page where their address is to be found,
Together with Lists of the Post Towns and present rates of Postage
throughout the Empire.’ Dublin: Smith, 1814. Second Edition. Royal 8vo.
Red Morocco. 8.75 x 5.50in. (22.23 x 13.97cm)
350 (£260-£310 approx)
1815: ‘An Irish English Primer Intended for the Use of Schools...’
‘An Irish English Primer Intended for the Use of Schools; Containing
About Four Thousand Irish Monosyllables with Their Corresponding
Explanation in English Together with a Few Aesop’s Fables in Irish and
English’ Grainsberry & Campbell, 10 Back Lane, Dublin, 1815, 58pp,
original calf, with some contemporary manuscript notes on the end
papers. Scarce.
120 (£70-£100 approx)
1816: Carlow poteen seizure account by members of the 94th Foot
4pp of manuscript evidence documents relating to the seizure of poteen.
Includes two accounts by Privates of the 94th Regiment of Foot who
give details of a raid whilst on Revenue Duty under the command of
Lieutenant Robertson when three or four shots were fired at them on
the road by William McCutchen, a shoemaker. A fascinating document
and an interesting insight into the home service of the 94th who had
returned from the Peninsular War and would later become the 2nd
Battalion of the Connaught Rangers.
300 (£170-£260 approx)
1818: Italian Lakes ‘Viaggio Pittorico e Storico ai tre laghi Maggiore
di Lugano e Como’
Milan, Bernucca, 1818. First Edition. Small Oblong Folio. Boards. Good
Illustrated with 46 hand coloured engravings of views of the Italian lakes
Maggiore, Lugano & Como. Each plate preceded by a page of text in
Italian relating to the plate. Scarce 9.25 x 11.50in. (23.50 x 29.21cm)
8,000 (£5,250-£7,000 approx)
1820s: Collection of estimates and correspondence relating to road
maintenance in Carlow
A total of 7 manuscript documents of various sizes dating from the
1820s. With information and estimates relating to road maintenance and
repairs in County Carlow. Interesting documents detailing the work that
needed to be carried out, the price of that work, dwellings, maps etc. (7
150 (£90-£130 approx)
1820: John C. Erck, ‘The Ecclesiastical Register; Containing the Names
of the Prelates, Dignitaries and Parochial Clergy in Ireland.’
Dublin: Printed By J. J. Nolan 3, Suffolk Street, 1820. Half Calf Marbled
Boards. The Denominations of Their Respective Dignities and Benefices:
and Exhibiting The Progress Made in Providing Churches, Glebes, and
Glebe Houses for Each Benefice Edited Under the Sanction of The Board
of First Fruits. 9 x 6in. (22.86 x 15.24cm)
400 (£260-£350 approx)
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