Whyte's History, Literature & Collectables 14th September 2013 - page 23

SINCE 1783
c. 1850: British Lancashire Militia Officers Sword and Court Sword
A British Victorian Infantry Officers Sword with brass gothic hilt with
folding sideguard and Royal cypher, leather and wire grip. Proof mark ‘WB’.
Curved fullered blade with decoration including owner’s name “J. Bayly
Esq. 3rd Royal Lancashire Militia’. Also with Victorian court sword with
épée blade, decorative grip and gold wire sword knot. Attributed to Bayly
originally from New Inn near Ballinasloe, Galway. (2 items)
600 (£350-£520 approx)
1848: Crimean War M1845 Russian smoothbore percussion musket
Crimean War period Russian percussion smooth bored musket. Every
component stamped with arrow and the date 1848. Butt plate also with
Imperial double headed eagle mark, barrel stamped with serial number
1741, stock and trigger guard with factory markings. 41.5” barrel.
Complete with ramrod. An interesting item which was found in a South
Dublin house and possibly brought here as a souvenir of the Crimea.
500 (£260-£440 approx)
Belgian Cap and Ball revolvers
Two European cap and ball revolvers with incised decoration. Typical of the
period with no visible maker's marks.
500 (£260-£440 approx)
19th Century: Irish interest coach handles, badges and insignia
An interesting set of coach badges and handles with symbolism relating to
the Order of Saint Patrick. Reputed to have been salvaged from a carriage
of the Irish Lord Lieutenant. Various sizes. (7 items)
700 (£440-£610 approx)
Early 19th Century Irish Language Manuscript Collection of Prose,
Poems and Verse in the hand of Peadar Ó Longáin
Provenance: 'An Seabhac' (Pádraig Ó Siochfhradha, 1883-1964). Inscribed
by him to have been purchased from Padraig O hAodhagain, O.S., 11 June
Circa 1820. A valuable handwritten collection, not signed by the scribe but
in the hand of Peadar Ó Longáin. 19th century original quarter calf with
"IRISH MISCELLANY" gilt title on spine, restored covers in red cloth, circa
1940, with printed bookplate "An Seabhac", 350pp. Mostly prose with
some poetry. Index in both English and Irish listing the following entries
(1) Tuireamh na hEireann - Ireland's Dirge - "Seán O' Connwll" (Sean Ó
Conaill circa 1650); (2) Dán an Tobac - Praise of Tobacco ; (3) Dán no
crm(h)aid(h) a Éire - Soul of Ireland; (4) Laoi Taile M(h)ic a Treoin; (5)
Parlimint Clan T(h)omais - (first book); (6) Parlimint Clan T(h)omais -
(second book); (7) Cat(h) C(h)luana Tarb(h) - Battle of Clontarf; (8)
Marb(h)ad(h) Brían Bároim(h)e - Death of B. Boroimhe; (9) Cat(h) Mu-
Criob(h)e - A.D. 195 in the County Galway; (10) Oliall Olam - A
Lamentation; (11) Cat(h) Corca - A.D. 154 A Battle; (12) Seilg & Fiadhach
Righ Arthúir - A Hunt; (13) Laoi and Deirg - A Poem; (14) Laoi an Amadáin
Móir - The Big Fool. The text in typical form for examples by Ó Longáin for
this period, but the 19th Century rebinding resulting in the loss of the title
page. Few examples such as this in private hands and they rarely come up
for sale.
3,500 (£2,190-£3,060 approx)
Early 19th Century Irish Language Manuscript Collection of Prose,
Poems and Verse in the hand of Peadar Ó Longáin
An original Irish language manuscript handwritten by Peadar Ó Longáin
(1801-1861) in 1833, pp460, octavo, original calf. 19th century calf. The
title page gives no details of a patron so it therfore possible that Ó
Longáin wrote it in the hope of selling or bartering it at a later date. The
contents include a mix of prose and poetry with approximately 200 pieces
titled and some with added notes dating some of them from 16th to 18th
centuries, but mostly undated. A complete index survives at the rear of the
text. Includes the work of Eoghan Rua Ó Súilleabháin, Seán Clárach Mac
Domhnaill, Eoghan an Mhéirin Mac Cartha, Domhnall Ó Colmáin, Tadhg
Gaeleach Ó'Súilleabháin, Mícheál Óg Ó Longáin, Domhnall na buile Mac
Cárrthaigh and many others. At the end of one of his final entries Ó
Longain records his date of completion as 25 February 1833, to which a
slightly later note has been added giving some glowing praise of the
scribe. This unique example comes with remarkable provenance and
included is a collection of 3 related letters dating to the 1950s from
Eibhlín Ní Séaghda in Killarney giving details of items in her possession
and brokering a deal to sell them to Pádraig Ó Siochfhradha. An extremely
scarce and desirable item.
Seághan Ó Séaghdha, Caherciveen; Rebound by John Alphonsus Lyons
21/11/1887 Cahirciveen; Tomas Ó Séaghdha 2/12/1935; Eibhlín Ní Séaghda,
Killarney; 'An Seabhac' (Pádraig Ó Siochfhradha, 1883-1964).
4,000 (£2,620-£3,500 approx)
Late 19th Century Irish Language Manuscript prose, poetry and texts
from Cork
A manuscript book, octavo, original green cloth, pp420, comprising of
approximately 40 pieces written by Coromuc Mhá Cártha (Charles
MacCarthy) from the parish of Cill Liath in Cork. Described by the author
as being written for his own personal use and signed by him at regular
intervals. An interesting mix of Munster poetry, with examples by Eoghan
Rua Ó Súilleabháin and Liam Rua Mac Coitir. Songs including Bean Dubh
an Ghleanna. Tales from the Fiannaíocht including an example of Tóraíocht
Dhiarmada agus Gráinne. Grammar and other notes used for the personal
education and entertainment of the author. Some with English
translations. Undated but most of the contents coming from the 18th and
19th Century and with some references to Home Rule making it possible to
date this example. An extremely scarce and desirable item. 7 x 4.50 in.
2,000 (£1,310-£1,750 approx)
Charles Vallancey ‘A Grammar of the Iberno-Celtic, or Irish Language...’
‘... the Second Edition with Many Additions to Which is Prefixed an Essay
on the Celtic Language; Shewing the Importance of the Iberno-Celtic or
Irish Dialect, to Students in History, Antiquity’ Dublin: Printed by R.
Marchbank, and Sold By L. L. Flinn , Castle Street, , 1781. 8vo. Full Calf. 2
vols. as 1: Pp. (1) vi, 151; (2) (2), 135, plates, errata. Illustrated with 8
engraved plates, including 1 folding. 8.25 x 5.50in. (20.96 x 13.97cm)
250 (£170-£220 approx)
Stokes, Whitley and Meyer, Kuno ‘Archiv Fur Celtische Lexikographie’
London: Niemeyer, Red Cloth Title Gilt. In 2 Vols. Professionally rebound in
red cloth with gilt. Loosely inserted in Vol II is 5pp typescript on the
history of the Táin. 9.50 x 6.50in. (24.13 x 16.51cm)
600 (£440-£520 approx)
Catalogue of Books and Bound Mss. Of the Irish Historical,
Archaeological and Antiquarian Library of the Late Francis Joseph
Catalogue of Books and Bound Mss. Of the Irish Historical, Archaeological
and Antiquarian Library of the Late Francis Joseph Bigger, M.A., M.R.I.A.
Presented to the Belfast Public Library as a Memorial. Belfast: Adams,
1930. First Edition. Octavo, pp302, printed boards. a very useful reference
120 (£70-£100 approx)
1845: James Clarence Mangan ‘Anthologia Germanica German
Dublin: Curry, 1845. First Edition. 8vo. Green Cloth. 2 vols: Pp. (1) vii, 208;
(2) viii, 223. ‘...A Series of Translations from the Most Popular of the
German Poets.’ Signed and inscribed: “To Matilda Dickson from John
Mitchel New Year’s Day 1846.” Mitchel was a friend of Mangan’s and
fellow Fenian. 7 x 4.50in. (17.78 x 11.43cm)
250 (£170-£220 approx)
19th Century: Patriotic Irish prisoner art frame
An interesting post-Fenian wooden frame decorated with hand carved
patriotic symbols. Possibly a prisoner art or home craft item. 14 x 10in.
(35.56 x 25.40cm)
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