Whyte's History, Literature & Collectables 14th September 2013 - page 27

SINCE 1783
A similar lot to 141.
1886-90: Pair of framed ‘United Ireland’ political prints
A pair of uniformly framed ‘United Ireland’ coloured prints. The first dated
15 February 1890 and titled ‘Turned the corner going down hill’, the
second a portrait of William E. Gladstone dated 10 April 1886. (2 items)
10.50 x 15in. (26.67 x 38.10cm)
120 (£70-£100 approx)
19th Century “Fred Lewis & Co Ltd” Perfumers, Dublin, Cold Cream pots.
Two ceramic pots - Cold Cream and Cold Cream of Roses; and two
cardboard pots - Camphorated Tooth Powder and Carbolic Tooth Powder.
Complete with contents, sealed, complete labels, inscribed “Fred Lewis &
Co. Ltd., 6 Fleet St., Dublin”. Extremely rare thus. (4)
700 (£440-£610 approx)
Bog oak 19th century small box and a brooch
Circular box, 70mm lid, handcarved harp and shamrocks; brooch, 70mm by
40mm, handcarved castle and poppies. Attractive and scarce. (2)
200 (£130-£170 approx)
1858-81 100th Foot (Leinster Regiment) Officer’s Waist Belt Clasp
A fine Officer’s waist belt clasp of the 100th Regiment of Foot (later the
Leinster Regiment). Centre with the number 100 surmounted by the
emblem of the Prince of Wales, surrounded by a laurel wreath. 1.80 x
2.80in. (4.57 x 7.11cm)
500 (£260-£440 approx)
circa: 1860-70 103rd Foot Kilmarnock Badge
Cap badge of the 103rd Foot (later Royal Dublin Fusiliers) as used on the
Kilmarnock or “Pork Pie” cap with the numbers 103 below the flaming
grenade, two lugs on reverse.
120 (£70-£100 approx)
circa: 1880 Clare Militia Officers Waist Belt Clasp
A Clare Militia officer’s waist belt clasp. Dimpled centre mounted with
Maid of Eirerin Harp surmounted by Queen’s Crown. Universal pattern
rococo ends. Extremely scarce. 1.90 x 3.50in. (4.83 x 8.89cm)
500 (£260-£440 approx)
1879-81 North Cork Riflemen Officer’s pouch belt plate
A white metal Officer’s pouch belt plate with laurel wreath surrounding a
Maltese cross within a circle marked “North Cork Riflemen”. All
surmounted by a Guelphic Crown, four screw posts to reverse and
complete with backing plate. 3.50 x 2.80in. (8.89 x 7.11cm)
350 (£220-£310 approx)
circa: 1880 North Irish Division Royal Artillery officer’s helmet
A fine example of a Victorian officer’s artillery ball top home service
helmet . Made by Hawkes & Co., London and with original fitting
including gilt North Irish Division Royal Artillery helmet plate. In original
case with owner’s name plate “Captain Atkin Antrim Artillery”. The owner
Walton Thomas Roberts Atkin was commissioned Sub-Lieutenant in 1874,
Lieutenant in 1875, Captain in 1877 and Major in 1881. Extremely scarce.
1,200 (£700-£1,050 approx)
circa: 1890 First Northumberland Artillery Volunteers officer’s blue
cloth helmet
Blue cloth artillery home service helmet by G. Downie, Newcastle on Tyne.
With original fittings including First Northumberland Artillery Volunteers
officer’s helmet plate and marked internally with the owner’s initials
‘R.W.W.’ Reginald Wilson was an engineer who worked in the Armstrong
Whitworth armaments company. He served during the Boer War as a
member of the Elswick Battery and on his return home was made a
Freeman of the city of Newcastle on Tyne. Contained in original case.
800 (£520-£700 approx)
20th Century: Military or official’s bicorne hat in case
Black velvet bicorne hat complete with original fitted tin. Also with a staff
officer’s WW1 period general service dress cap. (2 items)
300 (£170-£260 approx)
1891: 13th Hussars officer’s silver mounted pouch belt
An attractive item hallmarked Birmingham 1891 with silver furniture
including arrow pickers, boss chains and battle honours comprising of
Peninsula, Waterloo, Alma, Inkerman, Balaclava and Sevastopol. Bent and
Parker. Framed.
350 (£220-£310 approx)
circa 1900: General Sir Redvers Buller Boer War plate and postcard
A transfer printed plate with a portrait of Redvers Buller by Knight,
Aldershot. Also with a calling card postcard with a portait of Buller sent to
an address in Paris. (2 items) 9 x 9in. (22.86 x 22.86cm)
100 (£70-£90 approx)
circa: 1902 5th Royal Irish Lancers officer’s helmet plate
A scarce two piece officer’s helmet plate decorated with regimental
symbolism and battle honours including the Boer War. An excellent
example. 5 x 8in. (12.70 x 20.32cm)
300 (£170-£260 approx)
1910: Royal Irish Rifles pouch belt badge, whistle and belt plate
Whistle and chain hallmarked Brimingham 1910.
250 (£130-£220 approx)
circa 1910: Photographic postcards of Military Manoeuvres at Durrow
A set of 3 real photographic postcards of members of the British Army
taking part in manoeuvres at the Obelisk, Durrow. Photographs by W.
Sheeran. Scarce. 3.50 x 5.50in. (8.89 x 13.97cm)
200 (£130-£170 approx)
circa: 1880 Royal Irish Constabulary officer’s dress sword
Fish skin and wire bound grip. Handguard with crest of the constabulary.
Curved fullered blade with etched design including Queen Victoria royal
cypher and makers name of “J. Ireland 11 Ellis Quay Dublin”. Complete with
scabbard. Both the handguard and scabbard repainted black.
350 (£220-£310 approx)
circa 1902-10: Dublin Metropolitan Police EVII cap badge
Scarce D.M.P. white metal die-stamped cap badge of typical size and form.
Eight pointed star surrounding the motto ‘Quis Separabit’ with the EVII
royal cypher and surmounted by a crown. Complete with lugs north and
300 (£170-£260 approx)
1911. Chamberlain, Neville. Standing Rules and Regulations for the
Government and Guidance of the Royal Irish Constabulary
Sixth Edition. Dublin: Thom, 1911. Original Green Cloth Gilt. Good As
approved by his excellency The Lord Lieutenant. Pp. vi, 610. Lacking last
leaf of index. With an inscription of an official from the Provisional
Government of Ireland (1922) Ministry of Home Affairs - “Aireacht na
gnothai Duitce”. Scarce.
150 (£100-£130 approx)
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