Whyte's History, Literature & Collectables 14th September 2013 - page 22

SINCE 1783
1824: Pigot and Co’s ‘City of Dublin and Hibernian Provincial
...Containing a Classification of the Nobility, Gentry, Clergy, Professional
Gentlemen, Merchants, and Manufacturers of Dublin and Upwards of
Two Hundred & Twenty of the Principal Cities.’ London & Manchester:
Pigott, 1824. Royal 8vo. Green Cloth. Lacks maps. Professionally rebound
in green cloth with gilt. 9.50 x 6in. (24.13 x 15.24cm)
200 (£130-£170 approx)
1827-28: A Collection of letters from Ireland
A Collection of 13 Letters from Ireland 1827-28 12 of which are to a
Mrs. Mordaunt. 2, Bedford Square, Brighton. Content includes: a letter
from the Avoca Inn, Rathdrum in which the writer comments: “The
Protestants, thank God are making many converts-as far as I can see
with Popery goes Beggary and idleness and error and fanaticism and
these amongst the lower orders are serious & mischievous evils - I never
was so anti catholic since I came to Ireland...saw an Irish Catholic
funeral...a shout and a roar...a party of men reeling, staggering &
shouting singing & dancing...in long great coats hats and a sprig of
Shillalah...all drunk...coffin - containing the body of the unfortunate
woman...8 miles....stopping at every public house to get whiskey.” The
letters continue in that vein. Many have original postal markings. (13)
9 x 7.50in. (22.86 x 19.05cm)
400 (£310-£350 approx)
1829-1929: Daniel O’Connell medals and postcards
Two Daniel O’Connell medals the first with a bust of O’Connell and the
words “The Friend Of His Country” obverse and “Erin Go Bragh” and a
Maid of Erin with crown reverse. The second a Cork Catholic
Emancipation Centenary medalet. Also with four related 19th Century
postcards comprising of his tomb at Glasnevin (2), his monument on
Sackville Street and a memorial postcard with his image from the
painting by Haverty. (6 items)
100 (£70-£90 approx)
Daniel O’Connell’s signed copy of Leland’s ‘Orations of Demosthenes...’
London: Printed For J. Walker; R. Lea; et. al., 1814. New Edition. 8vo. Half
Calf with Marbled Boards. ‘...Pronounced to Excite the athenians Against
Philip, King of Macedon.’ This book coming from the library of Daniel
O’Connell being signed and inscribed by him and with his bookplate on
front pastedown. The inscription on f.e.p. reads: “Lord Brougham
pronounces Leland a great translator, by far the best of
Demosthenes...the Dr. Corona” and signed Daniel O’Connell. Other
inscription by another owner on f.e.p. dated 1816 8.25 x 5.50in. (20.96 x
400 (£260-£350 approx)
1841 (29 October) John Keshan, Alderman appointment document
signed by Daniel O’Connell and Isaac Butt
An extremely scarce and interesting single sheet manuscript document
appointing John Keshan as elected Alderman for the ward of St.
Audoen’s in Dublin. Signed by Isaac Butt, early in his career, while he was
a Tory Alderman working in oppositon to O’Connell and by Daniel
O’Connell himself in the few days prior his appointment as the first
Catholic Lord Mayor of Dublin since 1690. John Keshan later became
Lord Mayor of Dublin himself in 1846. 6.50 x 14.50in. (16.51 x 36.83cm)
600 (£350-£520 approx)
1835: Portarlington copper gallon measure
A scarce Irish official copper gallon measure with a single handle.
Marked “1 Gallon, Borough of Portarlington 1835” 10 x 12in. (25.40 x
150 (£90-£130 approx)
1842: Fermanagh Grand Jury Irish silver ladle
A Dublin silver ladle hallmarked 1842 and with maker’s mark of ‘P.W.’
Inscribed on the reverse with the words “Fermanagh Grand Jury” and
with an image of King William below the words “The Glorious Memory”
7 x 2.50in. (17.78 x 6.35cm)
350 (£220-£310 approx)
1843: “The Arran Fisherman’s Drowned Child” print
Lithographic print backed on canvas produced by the Royal Irish Arts
Union and titled “The Arran Fisherman’s Drowned Child”. Engraved by F.
Bacon from the painting by F.W. Burton RHA. Purchased by Robert
Callwell, a member of the RIAU and produced exclusively for members of
that society. Framed. 21 x 17in. (53.34 x 43.18cm)
300 (£170-£260 approx)
circa: 1850 “Sunday Morning” engraving
Engraving published for the members of the National Art Union for
Irleland from the painting by William Brocas engraved by Robert Bell.
Printed by Cranfield, Dublin. Titled “Sunday Morning” showing an Irish
country scene. Framed 18.50 x 14in. (46.99 x 35.56cm)
150 (£90-£130 approx)
1845-1901: Archive of Estate Papers of Sir Charles William Cuffe
An archive containing in excess of 60 items. Including correspondence to
Sir Charles Burton from among others William Grattan, Ian Walker, Robt.
Warren solicitors, various correspondence from builders/workmen
including one from John Nolan, Meredyth Place, Dublin regarding
building works and with an accompanying sketch c. 1862/3, letters
between 1863-77 relating to valuations, rents, entitlements to parts of
properties, payments, other property issues including tenants, legal
matters etc., printed map of the estate. An interesting collection and a
primary source for Irish local history studies with specific reference to
Carlow. 13.50 x 8.50in. (34.29 x 21.59cm)
400 (£260-£350 approx)
1845: The Parliamentary Gazetteer of Ireland - Railways & Canals
The Parliamentary Gazetteer of Ireland, Adapted to the New Poor-Law,
Franchise, Municipal and Ecclesiastical Arrangements, and Compiled With
a Special Reference to the Lines of Railroad and Canal Communication,
as Existing in 1844-45; Illustrated By a Series of Maps, and Other Plates;
and Presenting the Results, in Detail of the Census of 1841, Compared
With that of 1831. Fullarton, 1845, in 3 vols, 560pp, 840pp, 715pp,
lacking title pages.
300 (£170-£260 approx)
1843: Historical Record of the Sixth, or the Inniskilling Regiment of
Containing an Account of the Formation of the Regiment in 1689, and
of Its Subsequent Services to 1843. London: Parker, 1843. First Edition.
8vo. Red Morocco. Illustrated with 4 full page hand coloured plates. Also
with Humphreys, Gerard., Craven, Ciaran. Military Law in Ireland. Dublin:
Round Hall Sweet & Maxwell, 1997. First Edition. and O’ Conor, Thomas.
The Irish Brigades; Memories of the Most Eminent Irish Military
Commanders Who Distinguished Themselves in the Elizabethan and
Williamite Wars in Their Own Country, and in the Service of France,
Spain Etc. Dublin: Duffy, 1855. Red Cloth. (3 books)
150 (£90-£130 approx)
1845 Pattern British Infantry Officer’s Sword
Brass hilt with Royal cypher, fishskin and wire grip. Complete with brass
scabbard. Used by the ranks of Major, Lieutenant Colonel and Colonel.
Made by Landon & Co. London
250 (£130-£220 approx)
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