Whyte's History, Literature & Collectables 14th September 2013 - page 49

SINCE 1783
circa 1940s: Early Garda Síochána belt and police helmet
An early Garda two piece belt buckle with black leather belt. Also with a
six panel custodian helmet, lacking badge and marked internally “Oct 47,
11316” and 6 Dublin Metropolitan Police buttons (3 QC, 3 KC) (8 items)
300 (£170-£260 approx)
circa 1930s:
RMS Laurentic
sunk off Donegal 1940 - pair of spoons
A good pair of silver plate and enamel spoons from
RMS Laurentic
ships were given the name Laurentic, both built by
Harland & Wolff
and both sunk of the Irish coast. The first in 1917 when it was struck by
two mines, the second in 1940 when it was torpedoed by U-99. (2 items)
150 (£90-£130 approx)
1940 Belfast Telegraph Poster “Germans Capture Antwerp” and Stars &
Stripes, Vol. 1. No. 1.
Stars & Stripes was the official newspaper of the USA forces. This is the
first issue of the European edition, published in 1942 in the UK. (2)
150 (£90-£130 approx)
1939-45: Brtish Webley Mark IV .38 revolver
A deactivated Webley Mark IV .38 revolver, war finish example numbered
163798, various proof marks.
500 (£260-£440 approx)
1942: British Army Bren light machine gun
Deactivated Bren Mk I Light Machine Gun. With British proof marks and
serial number 4T396. Body marked MkI M INGLIS 1942. Barrel numbered
5812A. Complete with spare magazine and cleaning kit.
600 (£440-£520 approx)
1942: British WW2 period Dispatch Rider’s helmet
A British WWII motorcycle dispatch rider’s helmet. Complete. Liner dated
1942. Made by Briggs Motor Bodies Ltd.
100 (£70-£90 approx)
1943 (10 December) Irish interest Royal Air Force airgraph
A R.A.F. airgraph sent from 1990959 Cpl. J. Quinton India Command with
interesting content including “...The filth which has not been put into
service is all that now remains of the British working man. Two thirds of
the labour left is Irish and why they should do more than collect their
money each week you can’t make them understand.” Also with a number
of related photographs and a triangular cloth crest from a Nazi Germany
Luftwaffe sports vest.
100 (£70-£90 approx)
1939-45: Second World War mixed collection including Women’s Land
Army compass watch
A Women’s Land Army compass watch, Belgian Croix de guerre, Italian
War Cross of Military Valor, Belgian Civil Merit Medal, silk pilots escape
and evasion map of western Europe, powder case with Royal Artillery
crest and Nazi badge.
150 (£90-£130 approx)
20th Century: Collection of mixed international military helmets
Comprising of M1926 Spanish Civil War period helmet, East German Army
helmet, Chinese para helmet, M1937 Swedish Army helmet refurbished
1962, East German motorcycle helmet, USSR Gulf War period tank cap,
Chinese Army 1982 helmet with elongated visor and two other
paratrooper’s helmets. (9 items)
300 (£170-£260 approx)
20th Century: Collection of international military helmets including
Paratrooper’s examples
Comprising of British Para helmet, MkII British helmet, West German Para
helmet, East German Para helmet, British Mk6 Gulf War period helmet,
French Para training helmet and East German Para helmet (7 items)
300 (£170-£260 approx)
1974: Churchill Centenary Trust commemorative silver plate
A sterling silver with gold commemorative plate numberd 1409. Issued by
The Churchill Centenary Trust. Complete with certificate, booklet of issue
and custom made fitted display case. 320g. 8 x 8in. (20.32 x 20.32cm)
150 (£100-£130 approx)
Winston Churchill History of the English Speaking Peoples First Edition
Cassell and Company Ltd, 1956-58, London, 1956. First Edition. In four
volumes. Vol. 1:The Birth of Britain, Vol. 2: The New World, Vol. 3: The
Age of Revolution, Vol. 4: The Great Democracies. Volume 1 lacking dust
jacket. Also with
History of Ireland from the earliest times to the present
by Rev. E. A. D’Alton, Gresham Publishing Company, London 1912, 6
vols, original boards with gilt. (10 items)
300 (£170-£260 approx)
1935-1939: Collection of Nazi propaganda postcards and an anti-Nazi
An anti-Nazi pamphlet “He’s a perfect little gentleman, the swine!” in the
form of a children’s cartoon and poetry booklet warning the United
States of the danger of Hitler, printed by Raphael Tuck, England. Also
thirteen Nazi propaganda postcards including Nuremburg 1935 and anti-
Semitic movie Der ewige Jude. (14 items)
200 (£130-£170 approx)
1936-39: Hitler Youth membership card and armband
Comprising of official membership identity card, armband and two small
lapel badges or tinnies (4 items)
150 (£90-£130 approx)
1938: Third Reich Red Cross collection including armband and
membership card
A small collection of items comprising of German Red Cross armband,
1938 membership card for Emma Zierenberg and enamel pin back badge.
(3 items)
150 (£100-£130 approx)
1938: Third Reich German Red Cross (DRK) Hewer
A Third Reich German Red Cross 1938 Model Hewer, for Non
Commissioned Officers and Enlisted Men. Complete with scabbard and
frog. Saw-backed blade marked ‘Ges.Geschutz’, two piece black plastic
grip with two screws and nickel-plated hilt. A desirable item.
700 (£440-£610 approx)
1937-45: German 3rd Reich Second Pattern Luftwaffe Dagger
Luftwaffe dagger with grey metal mounts, unmarked blade and copper
wire bound orange plastic covered grip. Complete with grey metal
scabbard, hanging straps and bullion portepee knot.
600 (£350-£520 approx)
1939-45: German Nazi Police Parade Bayonet
An excellent example with eagle headed pommel and horn grips with
Nazi emblem. The hilt and scabbard both marked with matching serial
numbers (SB 9320). Single edged fullered blade impressed with maker’s
mark of Weyersberg Kirschbaum & Cie Solingen .
600 (£350-£520 approx)
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