Whyte's History, Literature & Collectables 14th September 2013 - page 43

SINCE 1783
1916 Rising 50th Anniversary commemorative silver medal by
O’Connor, Dublin, and Éamon de Valera silver medals by Spink.
Obverse: GPO Dublin in flames AISERI NA CASCA 1916-1966. Reverse:
signatures of the Proclamation signatories. 1966 special hallmark, silver,
2 ounces. Spink medals: obverse portrait ÉAMON DE VALERA 1882-1975;
reverse monument in Ogham script CUIMHNITEAR AIR GO BRACH,
sterling silver 2.5 ounces and 1 ounce, with certificates numbered 221.
150 (£90-£130 approx)
1966: Pearse Commemorative medallion by Vincze
1oz version of the silver medal designed by Paul Vincze (1907-1994).
With an image of Pádraig Pearse on obverse and a quote taken from the
1916 Proclamation on the reverse. Contained in its original fitted case.
Also with 4 cased 1966 Pearse commemorative 10 Shilling coins. 1966
Central Bank proof set, 1971 Ireland’s Decimal Coins pack and 1805
Hibernia Penny.
300 (£170-£260 approx)
1966: 1916 Rising commemoration sculpture of ‘The Dying
Cúchulainn’ by Oliver Sheppard
1966 official small scale sculpture of ‘The Dying Cúchulainn’ by Oliver
Sheppard. Manufactured under license from The Commissioner of Public
Works. Mounted on marble. The large scale version is located today in
the G.P.O 9 x 3.50in. (22.86 x 8.89cm)
300 (£170-£260 approx)
A similar lot to 294.
300 (£170-£260 approx)
A similar lot to 294.
Another similar sculpture.
Also with vinyl record of Éamon de Valera RTE recordings
300 (£170-£260 approx)
1921: Dáil Éireann admission ticket and postcard signed by Arthur
A portrait postcard of Arthur Griffith signed upper left in black ink
bilingually in Irish and English. Also with a Dáil Éireann admission ticket
for 16 August 1921 with name of P. O’Cooper and Griffith on reverse. (2
600 (£350-£520 approx)
1916 Rising: Limited edition Robert Ballagh print ‘Birth of the Irish
Limited to an edition of 300 of which this is 100. Signed lower right.
Attractively framed. A wonderful and colourful interpretation of Walter
Paget’s iconic painting. Proceeds from the sale of this print will go to the
National Graves Association and their fund for the refurbishment of the
1916 plot in the St. Paul’s section of Glasnevin Cemetery. 28 x 25in.
(71.12 x 63.50cm)
500 (£260-£440 approx)
1917: Thomas Ashe Memorial Card
Memorial card commemorating the life and death of Thomas Ashe 1885-
1917. Commander Fingal Battalion of the Irish Volunteers. 4pp 4.50 x
3in. (11.43 x 7.62cm)
150 (£90-£130 approx)
1917-1920: Thomas Ashe and Kevin Barry memorial postcards
Two scarce memorial postcards. The first of Thomas Ashe by Fergus
O’Connor of Dublin, the second of Kevin Barry with no publisher details.
(2 items)
100 (£70-£90 approx)
1918: Constance De Markievicz, ‘A Call to the Women of Ireland’
Being a Lecture Delivered to the students’ National Literary Society,
Dublin, Under the Title of “Women, Ideals, and the Nation.”. Dublin:
O’Connor, 1918. 8vo. Original Wraps. 16pp. Scarce
7.25 x 5in. (18.42 x 12.70cm)
150 (£90-£130 approx)
circa: 1900 Constance Gore Booth pencil drawing
A large pencil on paper study of the male figure. Initialled lower right.
Framed. 23 x 18in. (58.42 x 45.72cm)
1,500 (£1,050-£1,310 approx)
Gore Booth Family, Lissadell Sligo. A collection of 44 Postcards Sent to
members of the Gore Booth family Circa 1905-20.
From about 1915-20 there are 21 cards addressed to Master Gore Booth,
Master Hugh Gore Booth, Miss Mackey, Miss Jeffries, Michael Gore
Booth, Bridget Gore Booth, are from Granny (Grandmother), Sir Jocelyn
Gore Booth, Robert, Lady Mary Gore Booth, L, May, S.W.A, Brownie,
Anthony. The dates on the remaining 23 cards are unclear or undated.
They are largely to or from the same people. An interesting archive
relating to Countess Markievicz’s family.
350 (£220-£310 approx)
1919-21: War of Independence medal and 1971 Truce medal pair
1919-21 War of Independence Service Medal and 1971 50th Anniversary
of the Truce Medal. With boxes of issue and slip. Recipient unknown
500 (£260-£440 approx)
1919: Dáil Éireann National Loan handbills and letter
A collection of documents comprising of a single sheet letter from the
Dáil Éireann Department of Finance giving the initial announcement of
the National Loan to raise £250,000, issued in August 1919 under the
direction of Arthur Griffith and Michael Collins. A single sheet handbill
adverisement for the loan, giving reasons why the public should
subscribe and a follow up handbill for the loan issued in October 1919
and outlining British censorship activity regarding the promotion of the
loan. (3 items)
150 (£90-£130 approx)
circa 1920: Cork Cumann na mBan first aid certificate
A blank Cork District Cumann na mBan first aid training certicate printed
by Clo-chumman na Laoi. Also with ‘Aíslíng 1916-1976‘ Sinn Féin
commemorative booklet, a Joey Fitzsimmons prisoner art memorial
handkerchief and a large Kieran Doherty memorial card produced by the
Co. Monaghan H-Block / Armagh Co-ordinating Committee. (4 items)
250 (£130-£220 approx)
1920 (8 August) Terence MacSwiney signed cheque to Michael Collins
Original Munster and Leinster bank cheque written and signed by
Terence MacSwiney and endorsed on rear By Michael Collins on 8 August
1920. The crossed cheque for £346-5 shillings is made payable to
Micheal O Coileain (Michael Collins). The text and the signatures are in
the Irish language and is drawn on Banc na Mumhan & Laighean Teo.
[Munster & Leinster Bank, Cork]. 3 x 6in. (7.62 x 15.24cm)
1,200 (£700-£1,050 approx)
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