Whyte's History, Literature & Collectables 14th September 2013 - page 39

SINCE 1783
1916 Rising: Northumberland Hotel or Liberty Hall Dublin fire buckets
A collection of four historically important stitched leather fire buckets
from the Northumberland Hotel later to become Liberty Hall. Each with
the plaque of the Northumberland Hotel "J. C. Joseph Prop, Dublin" and
numbered 5, 6, 7 and 8 respectively. The bottom of number 6 replaced
with a tarnished brass shell casing and attractively engraved "Liberated
from Liberty Hall. Removed by Rosie Hackett - Union's Tobacco Shop
Eden Quay. Presented 1st April 1938 to Capt. Joe, Joseph Connolly,
Donated by Thomas Kain, Big Jim's Beresford Place Veterans. From the
Plough to the Stars, I.C.A. Saol Fada Chugat. Still Fighting Fire With Fire,
Dublin Fire Brigade." The shell also marked with the words "Arklow
Reload, Dublin National Shell Factory Parkgate Rd." The remaining three
marked on the base in gold lettering "N. Gifford, Old Dublin Society,
1934". Presented to Connolly on the day that he retired from the fire
brigade. As the engraving suggests the buckets were removed from
Liberty Hall by Rosie Hackett a well known trade unionist and member of
the Irish Citizen’s Army and were then donated by Thomas Kain, who had
also been a member of the I.C.A. The Northumberland Hotel building was
sold at the turn of the 20th Century to Jim Larkin who turned it into the
Head Office for the Irish Transport and General Worker's Union. A unique
piece of Irish Citizen Army, Dublin Fire Brigade, Trade Union and 1916
Rising history. 12 x 10 in.
3,000 (£1,750-£2,620 approx)
20th Century: Brass Fire Brigade ‘Merryweather’ pattern helmet
With a badge in the form of an eight pointed star and guardian lion.
150 (£90-£130 approx)
C96 “Broomhandle” Mauser
C96 Mauser handgun also known as “Peter the Painter”, complete with
wooden stock or holding case. The type used by the IRA during the War
of Independence.
1,000 (£700-£870 approx)
A similar lot to 266.
1,000 (£700-£870 approx)
M1871 Mauser Rifle bayonet as used by the Irish Volunteers
A M1871 sword bayonet for the 11mm Mauser Rifle as used by members
of the Irish Volunteers. This particular example found in Dublin during
renovation works.
150 (£90-£130 approx)
Colt New Service Revolver
Colt New Service revolver with chambers for the .455 British Webley
revolver bullet. Colt and patent markings on barrel, British wide
arrowhead mark behind chamber. Serial number “134052” dating this
weapon to circa 1917. Replacement wooden left grip. With leather
holster. Many of these weapons were purchased by the British
Government during the First World War as an alternative to the
standard-issue Webley Revolver. They were used in Ireland during the
War of Independence and some, like this example, were captured and
used by the I.R.A.
700 (£440-£610 approx)
.22 bulldog short revolver and British side loading revolver
A small chrome bulldog revolver with various proof markings. Also with
an earlier British side loading revolver
500 (£260-£440 approx)
Bernardelli Model 60 7.65mm pistol
Deactivated Italian Bernardelli Gardone
pistol with various proof markings and ‘V.
Bernardelli Gardone V.T. 7.65 Mod 60
Made in Italy’
350 (£220-£310 approx)
FN Browning Model 1910/1922 Pistol
Deactivated semi-automatic pistol
designed by John Browning and
manufactured by Fabrique Nationale of
Belgium. Marked Fabrique National
D’Armes De Guerre Herstal Belgique.
Similar to the weapon used by Pádraig
350 (£220-£310 approx)
1916. Sinn Féin Rebellion Handbook.
1917 (revised) issue.
Weekly Irish Times, printed wrappers,
includes the coloured map. Still an
essential reference work.
200 (£130-£170 approx)
1916 (5 May) Gresham Hotel ‘Carmel Bazaar’ dance tickets
A scarce pair of tickets to a dance which “will be held in the Aberdeen
Hall, Gresham Hotel. On Friday, May 5th 1916”. Clearly the planned dance
never took place due to the damage that was done to the hotel during
the week of the 1916 Rising. (2 items) 3.50 x 4.50in. (8.89 x 11.43cm)
250 (£130-£220 approx)
1916 Rising: Fragment of canvas from Queen Victoria’s portrait
destroyed at the Royal College of Surgeons
A small piece of canvas with a contemporary note in ink on reverse “May
1916 Sinn Féin Rebellion Portion of Queen Victoria Portrait RCSI” June
Shannon in an article in the Irish Journal of Medical Science (Vol. 175
No. 2) states that “... on seeing the destroyed portrait Commandant
Mallin was so furious that he threatened to shoot the man who had
committed the act. He had given strict orders that no reckless damage
was to be done inside the College. However, on learning that the culprit
was a young boy who had used the canvas to make leggings Mallin
chose to severely reprimand him instead...” An intriguing piece of 1916
Rising history. Contained in an attractive display stand. 2 x 5in. (5.08 x
500 (£260-£440 approx)
1916: Silver mirror made for Hopkin & Hopkin of Sackville Street,
An attractive silver frame and bevelled standing mirror. Hallmarked
Birmingham 1916. Engraved by Hopkins & Hopkins Dublin as retailer.
Reputed to have been salvaged from the Hopkins shop opposite the
O’Connell monument during the Rebellion.
300 (£170-£260 approx)
1916 (19 July) Mary MacSwiney letter regarding her brother at
Reading Gaol
Signed manuscript letter from Mary MacSwiney to Joe Connolly stating
that she was at Reading Gaol last week and her brother Terence and
Tomás MacCurtain asked her “...to thank you and the men for the ‘salute;
when they were leaving” and to pass good messages from Reading to Bill
Duggan, Tom Boylan, Paul Cusack, Leo Carroll, Cathal Byrne and Joe
400 (£170-£350 approx)
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