Whyte's History, Literature & Collectables 14th September 2013 - page 41

SINCE 1783
1916 Third Battalion, “C” Company Irish Volunteers veteran Samuel
Irwin archive
Includes 1920 (1 March) 4pp letter from Wormwood Scrubs Prison,
London - “There are over 80 of us here now”, 24 letters from Curragh
Camp 1924 where he was serving in the Army Corps of Engineers, later
letters in the 1940s also from the Curragh and other barracks, range of 6
Government invitations to 1916 Rising Commemorations and an early
1920s Army Corps of Engineers Christmas card. Appears to have risen to
rank of Captain in late 1920s but in 1940 was a Lieutenant - there is
some evidence in the correspondence of his brushes with Army
authorities. Also included are a number of family photographs, a couple
of poems by another family member etc. Irwin is listed by John Doyle (in
his statement to the Bureau of Military History, as a member of “C” Coy.,
3rd Battalion Irish Volunteers in 1916 “Occupation electrical engineer,
Dublin-man”. Interesting lot. (approx. 80 items)
300 (£170-£260 approx)
1916-1950: Joe Connolly archive including handwritten letter
regarding the plight of Eddie Connolly in New York
An anonymous 4pp manuscript letter written from New York and dated
1 October. Addressed to Captain Joe Connolly, Chief of the Dublin Fire
Brigade with content relating to his brothers Seán who was killed during
the 1916 Rising, Eddie, who at this point is also in New York and who
MacSwiney describes as having “...not worked in over a year and he is
down and out... he sleeps on the park bench with only the one old suit
on his back and his razor in his pocket...he never lost the pride of the
Connolly’s...” and appealling to Joe to get together with the family to
get together and send him the price of his fare home as he would not
survive the New York winter homeless. A remarkable and emotive
account of the plight of a 1916 Rising veteran signed as “A friend of
yours and Eddie...please destroy this letter that he may never see the
handwriting”. Also with Joe Connolly’s autograph book dating from the
1940s, autographs include many members of the family and ‘Some
Poems of Roger Casement’ published by Talbot Press 1918 with some
retrospective notes relating to Frongach and the 1916 Rising. The
Connolly siblings Joe, Seán, Mattie, George, Eddie and Katie all served
with the Irish Citizen Army during the 1916 Rising. Joe served under
Michael Mallin at The Royal College of Surgeons. See also lot 317.
300 (£170-£260 approx)
1916: All Souls Day In Memoriam Card for the dead of the Rising
A handbill with black border produced for All Souls Day, 1916 with a list
of rebels killed during the Rising and the Leaders executed requesting
prayers for the repose of their souls. Scarce 11 x 6in. (27.94 x 15.24cm)
150 (£90-£130 approx)
1916 Rising: Picture postcards of British barricades
3 Daily Sketch series postcards of the 1916 Rebellion showing British
Army barricades in Dublin including Talbot Street. 3.50 x 5.50in. (8.89 x
70 (£40-£60 approx)
1916 Rising: The leaders of the Rebellion print by W. G. Rogers
A lithograph print produced by W. G. Rogers circa 1917 showing 18
different leaders of the 1916 Rebellion gathered together, while two
(Roger Casement and Thomas Kent) are shown as portraits hanging on
the wall behind. Contained in an ornate frame. 20 x 25in. (50.80 x
300 (£170-£260 approx)
1916 Rising: The Sinn Féin Revolt and The Rebellion in Dublin picture
Hely’s Ltd, and Eason & Son Ltd. Dublin Both oblong folio., card covers,
36pp and 38pp respctively profusely illustrated. Undated. (2 items) 8.75 x
11.25in. (22.23 x 28.58cm)
200 (£130-£170 approx)
1916 Rising: Pictorical booklets including The Rebellion in Dublin by
Comprising of The Rebellion in Dublin April 1916 by Eason and Dublin
and The Sinn Féin Rising by Wilson Hartnell. Profusely illustrated. (2
200 (£130-£170 approx)
1916 Rising: Sinn Féin Rebellion Handbook “Easter 1916” Edition
Letterpress, 248 pp.Scarce first edition of this useful reference work. Full
of details relating to the Rising with lists of casualties, prisoners, and
other participants, well illustrated. Published by the Weekly Irish Times.
10 x 6.25in. (25.40 x 15.88cm)
250 (£130-£220 approx)
Easter week 1916 commemoration booklet
A 16pp booklet produced in 1945 for the Easter week commemorations
including a role of honour of those killed, songs and biographies of the
leaders. Scarce. Also with a National Graves Association booklet for the
Manchester Marytrs’ Commemoration Concert held at the Mansion
House on 21 November 1945. (2 items) 10 x 8in. (25.40 x 20.32cm)
150 (£90-£130 approx)
1917: The Sinn Féin Leaders of 1916 with Fourteen Illustrations and
Complete Lists of deportees, Casualties pamphlet
Dublin: Cahill, 1917. 32pp pamphlet. Vertical centrefold crease. A scarce
and desirable pamphlet
7.25 x 4.75in. (18.42 x 12.07cm)
150 (£90-£130 approx)
1916 Rising 50th Anniversary
commemorative gold medal by
O’Connor, Dublin.
Obverse: GPO Dublin in flames
AISERI NA CASCA 1916-1966.
Reverse: signatures of the
Proclamation signatories. 1966
special hallmark, 22 carat gold, 2
ounces. With certificate no. 0042
from Thomas O’Connor & Sons
Ltd. Rare and attractive medal.
1,800 (£1,400-£1,570
1966: 50th Anniversary of 1916 Rising cased commemorative silver
Golden Jubilee cased silver commemorative medal. Obverse showing an
image of the GPO and on the reverse, the signatories of the 1916
Proclamation in relief 2.50 x 2.50in. (6.35 x 6.35cm)
150 (£90-£130 approx)
1966: 50th Anniversary of 1916 Rising commemorative silver medal
Obverse showing an image of the GPO and on the reverse, the
signatories of the 1916 Proclamation in relief. A desirable medal albeit
lacking case. Also with 3 cased Isle of Man proof coins.
100 (£70-£90 approx)
1916 Rising: 50th Anniversary 1966 silver medals by Paul Vincze
Pair of silver medals (2oz and 1oz). Designed by Paul Vincze (1907-1994).
Both with an image of Pádraig Pearse on obverse and a quote taken
from the 1916 Proclamation on the reverse. Contained in both their
original ftted cases. (2 items)
200 (£130-£170 approx)
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